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The Biomechanics of Movement [visit] project was created for the Kinesiology Department at the University of Southern California. It presents a collection of short videoclips that analyze various movements of the human body.

The collection could be browsed using the hierarchy presented in the cardinal bar or it could be searched. Once clips of interest are identified, they are added to a “mixer” for viewing. Clips can be viewed either independently or side by side for comparison. The content of the mixers is saved in a cookie so the mixer bands can be repopulated when the page is loaded again.

The interface is based on javascript and jQuery and the application is driven by code written in Ruby that makes calls to web services in order to access the repository of videoclips and metadata.

LA as Subject is a directory of archives and collections that preserve historical materials related to the Los Angeles region.

This was a proposed design for the home page.

Russian Satirical Journals [visit] consists of a collection of more than one hundred and forty satirical magazines that appeared in Russia during and after the revolution of 1905.

The entire collection of journals can be searched thus making the application a very useful scholastic research tool. While browsing the collection, pages are shown side-by-side, thus preserving the relationships between pages (some have photographs printed on two adjacent pages). Even more, each issue could be loaded in a book reader and the pages could be flipped, bringing the experience of looking at the journals very close to a reading in real life.

The USC Libraries decided to update its home page in order to improve the look and feel and also in an effort to reorganize the content and make certain functionality (e.g. support for research, libwire) more visible.

I presented two designs, one of which became the official home page of the libraries.

The Jewish Homegrown History [visit] aims at documenting, preserving and presenting personal immigration experiences from the “old world” to America, vis-à-vis official historical events.

The main page contains a Flash swiff that displays immigration paths on a world map. The aim was to also add markers for cities and events of importance during the past one hundred and fifty years. The application saves its data into a MySQL database. Users could register and add their own immigration stories, together with audio-video material.

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